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Atam Pargas National Best School Award 2018-2019

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Leaf Colour Chart Awareness Campaign_Farmers Training Camp_Aadarsh Public School, Vill. Bhikhivind, Tarntaran Sahib_May 27, 2016

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Leaf Colour Chart Awareness Campaign_Farmers Training Camp_Gurdwara Sahib, Vill. Rajoke, Tarntaran Sahib_May 27, 2016

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Leaf Colour Chart Awareness Campaign_Gurdwara Sahib, Sur Singh Wala, Ferozepur_May 25, 2016

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Farmers Training Camp at Guru Nanak Senior Sec. School, village Bassian, Ludhiana

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What people say about Atam Pargas

  • Atam Pargas mission is truly a mission that can change our society. I have seen the change coming up in their presence. We all need to extend our support to this organisation.


  • Two very important key factors that have fascinated and inspired me to join 'Atam Pargas' are the blessings of Pingalwara and secondly the thrust on motivating Teachers and students to lead truthful livings through Gurbani based teaching. The Scientific explanations of Gurbani as explained during the Atam Pargas Educational Workshops are amazing.

  • Atam Pargas mission enlightens your soul with the eternal message of Gurbani. The pictorial representation of Gurbani in 'JEEVEEY GURBANI NAAL BOOK SERIES' published by Atam Pargas is all together a different learning experience for the kids. Similarly, the video DVD titled 'SAMAJ DE BIGREE SAWARN LAEE ADHIYAPAKAN ATE MAPIYAN DE KARAN JOG KARAJ' available at YouTube of Atam Pargas really stirs and provides solution to the issues related to the kids in the families.

  • Atam Pargas has changed my life and bought me closer to humanity and love through Gurbani since I came in its contact more than 5 years ago. I always recommend the schools, teachers, principals i know and also my friends, to get touched my Atam Pargas Social Welfare Council and feel the difference. Its been a very fulfilling experience of attending many workshops that Atam Pargas conducts from time to time to help students, teachers and principals benefit from Gurbani based Living.

  • 'Jeeveey Gurbani Naal Lehar' is a very good initiative to inspire and empower teaching community to promote Gurbani Based Living Standards in the society. I recommend all to join the mission of Atam Pargas

  • I feel myself lucky who got the company of intellectuals working in the Atam Pargas Team. The team is working for a noble cause with its impressions at grass root level. I appreciate the initiatives and recommend all to join Atam Pargas Mission.

  • We have included Jeeveey Gurbani Naal books in our school's curriculum. Books are very effective in improving handwriting and inculcating moral spirit in the personality of students. Parents have also appreciated this type of learning. We congratulate Atam Pargas Social welfare Council for publishing play-way books for enlightening young souls through Gurbani.

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  • Awqm prgws soSl vYl&yAr kONsl, luiDAwxw v`loN jIvIey gurbwxI nwl pusqkW dI pRkwSnw ividAw dy Kyqr ivc ie`k SwlwGw Xog Xogdwn hY[ienHW pusqkW ivc CotI aumr qoN lY ky v`fI aumr q`k dy b`icAW leI ijs isAwxp Bry qrIky nwl gurbwxI dIAW pMkqIAW dI cOx kIqI hY ieh ienHW dI au~cI mwnisk AvsQw nUM zwihr krn leI Awpxy Awp ivc kwPI v`fI sm`grI hY[ienHW pusqkW nUM pVHwaux leI vwDU smyN dI loV nhIN hY ikauNik ieh qW Kyf pusqkW hn ijhVIAW Coty-Coty b`icAW dI ilKx klw, rMgx klw Aqy icqrn klw nUM inKwrn ivc mdd krngIAW[

  • The 'Jeeveey Gurbani Naal' play way books written by Dr.Varinderpal Singh would be undoubtedly beneficial to thousands of children. These pearls will help the children to improve their handwriting, colouring, sketching & inspire them to follow the path of all good qualities of head & heart and moral values shown by our Great Gurus.

  • Awqm prgws duAwrw pRkwSq kIqIAW geIAW 'jIvIey gurbwxI nwl' pusqkW is`K ieiqhws Aqy gurbwxI dy v`fm`uly Kzwny nUM b`icAW q`k phuMcwaux dw iek invyklw auprwlw hY [ b`cy dI sKSIAq Aqy Awqmw nUM ausdy ivrsyy nwl joVxw iek BrpUr SlwGw Xog kdm hY [ jo ik Awqm prgws bwKUbI inBw irhw hY[ mYnUM ieh d`sx ivc KuSI hY ik AsIN mwqw kOlW jI pbilk skUl dIAW swrIAW brWcw ivc 'jIvIey gurbwxI nwl' pusqk sIrIz nUM pwTkRm ivc Swml kIqw hY Aqy swfy ividAwrQI ienHW pusqkW dw BrpUr lwhw lY rhy hn[

  • The creative books 'Jeeveey Gurbani Naal' throw light on the moral values. In these books, the ethics of Sikhism are beautifully presented. The visual aids provided in the books make them interesting and leave an everlasting impression on the little ones. The amalgamation of visual imagery and holy writings would be instrumental in creating a great positive effect on the young flowering minds. These books, therefore, are the need of the hour to inculcate moral spirit in the young souls.

  • The Jeeveey Gurbani Naal books will make the pupils great human beings, thinkers and doers. The inclusion of these books in school syllabus would help them to become great personalities to work for the society. The best part of the books I feel is the practical approach of learning with fun which inspire the students to learn while enjoying. I would strongly suggest each and every school to include these books in their regular syllabus.

  • Books written by Dr. Varinderpal Singh Ji are stupendous, prodigious and marvelous. It is the need of the hour to inculcate moral values in children so that they learn to respect their religion, their parents, their teachers, elders, fellow human beings and nature. And the same has been put forward in these books in such a simplified and impressive manner that it is really going to leave an indelible imprint on the innocent minds.

  • When Dr. Varinderpal Singh showed me his compilation of the 'Jeeveey Gurbani Naal' books I didn't waste a single moment to prescribe them to my students. The books were a thorough practical approach to teach the young minds the meaning of Gurbani. I always wanted that my students should not only be able to recite 'Gurbani' but also should be able to understand it. Thank you Dr Varinderpal Singh for such a stupendous effort.

  • AsIN siqkwrXog fw. virMdrpwl isMG jI Aqy Awqm prgws soSl vYlPyAr kONsl, luiDAwxw dy DMnvwdI hW ijnHw ny swfy ividAwrQIAW leI AwkrSk pusqkW hI iqAwr nhIN kIqIAW sgoN swfy AiDAwpkW dI isKlweI leI vI aucycy qOr qy kwrjSIl hn[ AsIN jIvIey gurbwxI nwl pusqkW nUM swry nnkwxw swihb pbilk skUlW dy pwTkRm ivc Swml krn dI KuSI hwsl kIqI hY[ividAwrQIAW AMdr nYiqk auswrI leI Awqm prgws v`loN kIqy jw rhy SlwGwXog XqnW leIN AsIN vDweI idMdy hoey AsIN AwpxI sMsQw v`loN pUrn sihXog dyx dw Brosw idvwauNdy hW[

  • ienHW pusqkW ivclIAW qsvIrW nUM rMgIn kridAW b`icAW dIAW mnoivrqIAW nUM nYYiqkqw dI rMgx cVHygI, gurbwxI ilKx dw AiBAws kridAw aunHW dI ilKweI suMdr ho jwvygI Aqy gur aupdyS vI kMT ho jwxgy[ic`qr mwlw ivc ienHW aupdySW dI ivAwiKAw kridAW aunHW nUM ieh isDWq hor vI prp`k ho jwxgy[jdoN auh 'gurbwxI bxIAY' dy r`bI &urmwn dI qrzmwnI kridAW gurbwxI AnuswrI jIvn ijaUNidAW sMswr ivc ivcrngy qW aunHW dy jIvn ivcoN AwauNdI KuSbo nwl smu`cw Awlw-duAwlw mihk au~Tygw[

  • 'jIvIey gurbwxI nwl' pusqkW dI pRkwSnw iv`idAw dy Kyqr ivc SlwGwXog Xogdwn hY Aqy AsIN ies kwrj dI pRsMsw krdy hoey cI& Kwlsw dIvwn dy pRbMD ADIn c`l rhy skUlW ivc ienHW pusqkW nUM pwTkRm ivc Swml krn dI is&wrS krdy hW[

  • CotI aumr qoN lY ky v`fI aumr q`k dy b`icAW leI ijs suGV isAwxp Bry qrIky nwl ienHW ny gurbwxI dIAW pMkqIAW dI cox kIqI hY ieh ienHW dI au~cI mwnisk AvsQw nUM zwihr krn leI Awpxy Awp ivc kwPI v`fI sm`grI hY[myrI Ardws hY ik ienHW pusqkW qoN b`cy lwB auTw skx[ id`lI is`K gurduAwrw pRbMDk kmytI v`loN pRkwiSq kIqIAW jWdIAW Drm poQIAW dy nwl-nwl ienHW ikqwbW nUM vI Awpxy pRbMD ADIn c`l rhy skUlW ivc pVHw ky AsIN b`icAW AMdr nYiqk guxW dI pRPu`lqw leI Xqn krWgy[

  • 'jIvIey gurbwxI nwl' pusqkW BwvyN b`icAW leI ilKIAW geIAW hn, pr mYN smJdI hW ik ieh swnUM v`ifAW nUM vI pVHxIAW cwhIdIAW hn[ ikauNik nYiqk sUJ-bUJ ivc AsIN vI b`cy hI hW[

  • fw. virMdrpwl isMG jI duAwrw ilKIAW geIAW 'jIvIey gurbwxI nwl' pusqkW ividAw dy Kyqr ivc SlwGwXog Xogdwn hn[ieh pusqkW nw qW koeI vwDU ivSw hn, Aqy nw hI ienHW nUM pVHwaux leI vwDU smyN dI loV hY[ ieh qW Asl ivc Kyf pusqkW hn ijhVIAW nMnHy-nMnHy lwlW dI ilKx (writing) klw, rMgx (colouring) klw Aqy icqrn (sketching) klw nUM inKwrn dy nwl-nwl aunHW nUM s`cy-su`cy guxW nwl BrpUr krn ivc vI shweI hoxgIAW[mYN Aws krdw hW ik ividAk AdwirAW dy sUJvwn pRbMDk ienHW pusqkW nUM Awpxy pwTkRm ivc Swml krky nMnHy-nMnHy lwlW dy ihridAW nUM gurbwxI dy cwnx nwl ruSnwaux Aqy cMgy nwgirk pYdw krn ivc s&l hoxgy[

  • myry ihswb nwl hr cMgw mW-bwp, hr cMgw AiDAwpk Aqy hr auh ivAkqI ijs nUM smwj pRqI koeI icMqw hY 'jIvIey gurbwxI nwl pusqkW' nUM vrqoN ivc ilAweygw Aqy ie`k transformation, ie`k nvIN soc zrUr pYdw ho skygI[ BwvyN dyKx nUM ieh ie`k Cotw Xqn l`gy, pr jy AsIN swry sihXog krIey qW ies dy v`fy nqIjy inkl skdy hn[

  • pusqkW dy iviSAW dI cox b`icAW dy in`q jIvn dy ierd-igrd GuMmdI Aqy rOck hY[ArQ-Bwv vI QoVy SbdW Aqy swdI BwSw ivc pyS kIqy gey hn qW jo b`icAW qy pVHweI dw koeI boJ nw pvy Aqy Kyf-Kyf ivc hI au~cy-su`cy isDWq aunHW dy jIvn dw iSMgwr bx jwx[mYN ividAk AdwirAW nUM bynqI krdw hW ik ienHW pusqkW nUM Awpxy pwTkRm dw iSMgwr bxw ky b`icAW dI syvw dw lwhw zrUr lYx[

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